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released May 10, 2011

Parker Cason: Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Rhodes, Crumar, Piano, SPD-S, Percussion
Justin Maurer: Vocals, Guitar, Fun Machine, Keyboards, Piano, Omnichord, Percussion
Matt Scibilia: Drums, Percussion
Taylor Zachry: Electric Bass, Double Bass, Percussion, BGVs
Jared Ziemba: Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Vibraphone, Bells, Melodica, Percussion, BGVs

Special Guests:
Josh Minyard: Percussion
Carl Broemel: Pedal Steel
Joey Dykes: Trombone
Markus Midkiff: Cello
Benjamin Kaufman: Violin
The Caldwell Choir: Alyson McAnally, Hayley Rose, Lydia Elise, Aly Holland, David Beresford

All songs written and performed and © by Colorfeels.
The album was recorded between the fall of 2010 and spring of 2011 at Forge Seat in Brentwood, TN, Creative Workshop Studios in Berry Hill, TN, and Villa Del Mar Studios in Nashville, TN.
Tracking Engineers: Ben Klise, Andrew Darby, and Joe Funderburk
Additional Overdubs: Ben Klise and Joe Funderburk
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Mike Odmark
Album Artwork: Justin Helton -

Producers: Parker Cason, Justin Maurer, Taylor Zachry
Executive Producers: Buzz Cason and our Kickstarter donors

Thank You:
None of this would have been possible without the amazing help and influence of Buzz Cason, Ben Klise, Andrew Darby, Mike Odmark, Joe Funderburk, Justin Helton, Will Rucker, Dylon York, Josh Minyard, Joey Dykes, Carl Broemel, Carl Gatti, Bo Brannen, Luke Herbert, Houston Mathews, Greg Simpson, Jonathan Pears, Paul McDonald, Marc Scibilia, United Record Pressing, Residents of 1400 Caldwell, Villa Del Mar Studios, The Wares, The Hawkins, SouthBranch Nursery Co., Creative Workshop Studios,, all of our fans and supporters, the city of Nashville, White Flag War, CSX Transportation, The Cosmos and all of its strange/beautiful/terrible syzygies. To all of our families and loved ones, thanks for believing in and supporting our passion. Love & Chaos. Thank you.


all rights reserved



Colorfeels Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Mirrored Walls
I’ve fallen victim to a thoughtless crime
Where everything I know has disappeared before my eyes
It’s always here a moment, then it’s gone
This isn’t happening, the reflection that I see can’t be
Be me

But beyond the mirrored walls
I see so easily
And I know
A window will open up for me
If I can just let go

I’m recognizing time is just a soulless thief
Taking as it pleases
I’m realizing I’m floating on a forest stream
Carried to the ocean

The river shoots me out onto the open sea
But when I turn around, there’s nothing behind me
I’m all alone out here.

It can’t be, be me
But beyond the mirrored walls
I see so easily
And I know
A window will open up for me
If I can just let go
Track Name: Pretty Walk
Darling I adorn you tonight with light
The moment now is all for you
You’re shining all around the room
Tonight, so bright.
Your radiance is burning true.

Did I say too much?
Did I not say enough?
Where did I fail you, my love?

I heard somebody say one time
That everything would be alright
I could have sworn that it was you
I guess I was wrong
You had me all along
What the hell was I to do
Other than believe you?

Did I say too much?
Did I not say enough?
Where did I fail you, my love?
When I say too much,
how can I say enough?
Where did I fail you, my love?

...and I held you.

It was all in my head, all in my head--
Everything that you said
It’s all in my mind
Track Name: Keeping Me Alive
You see me stare
Off into the air
And wonder what I hold true.
Who would’ve known that I was thinking ‘bout you?

Steppin’ over mines,
Behind enemy lines.
I could lose my life with one wrong move.
Who would’ve known that I was thinking ‘bout you?

Oh you should know (you should know)
You’re keepin’ me alive

Looked up one time,
Your eyes met with mine.
I should have said something to you.
Who would have known that you were thinking that too?

I’m across the sea,
and I would rather be back home across the room from you.
I can only hope that you were thinking that too.

I’m so glad you weren’t just another missed connection.
I would’ve never known the benefit of your affection.
When I’m out there my only thought is “How can I survive?”
Baby, you should know you’re keepin’ me alive.
Track Name: Unplanned Holiday
I know a place where we should go
To take our unplanned holiday, today!
I’ve searched the whole Earth looking for
What lies outside of my front door.

I just wanna go down to a desolate town
That is covered in snow,
We’ve got nowhere to go.
And I can’t hear a sound
Cause nobody’s around
Everyone is inside
Wanna go for a ride?

I sled all through my neighborhood,
Still I can not believe my eyes.
I look around and all I see
Is happiness surrounding me.

We don’t know where we’re going.
We’re hanging out with the snowmen.
Making snowballs and throwing them,
We’ll be ok.
Track Name: You Know
You know where I’ve been
You know everything
You know that I have reached a new height
I have seen a new light glow
It’s not burning out, I’m not coming down
I am in the sky, you’re on the ground

Every hour, every day
I search my mind for words to say.
My stars don’t align with yours.
We’re wasting time. So what’s this for?

You crawl inside me
[I wonder why you always crawl inside me]
And saw that I was hiding it all
[You came and saw and found that I was hiding]
You read about my past life (and)
[You tell me that you always know where I’ve been]
Everything that I’ve done wrong.
[You tell me that you always know everything]
Was it good for you like it was for me?
Now you’ve seen the truth, let me be.

The time is right now.
Leave me here behind.
And walk out
When everything was fine, I came down.
Track Name: Genealogy
Please quit all your whining
Whining all the time
And everybody’s fine
And you’ll be ok
You’ll be ok

Ever since my father’s father, and before him
People told their children
Trust and obey
Do what I say
Trust and obey

We always pay for nothing
They always say, “nothing’s free.”

Gimme any topic
Step into my office
Tell me all your problems
They’ll go away
I do it every day

This could last forever
Everyone together
Worrying and wasting away
You’ll be ok
You’ll be ok

We always pay for nothing
They always say, “nothing’s free.”

Open your eyes
You’re not alone
It’s no surprise
You reap what you sow
Track Name: Zenzizenzizenzic
Life began, still no one knows
How life could end with the loss of a soul.
It’s creeping in, the dark wind blows,
And time again is meaningless.

You’re still standing there
Calling out into the sky
But nothing’s there
To hear your cry

Seek the truth. Calculate.
You’re questioning, but the answers must wait.
The wheel will spin
This runaround will never end
The rebuilt walls will fall again

Enlighten, or someone just lie to me
‘Cause you know that I’ll believe.
I’m frightened. Someone turn the light on.
‘Cause you know I need to see.
Track Name: Be There
It might be some time tomorrow
or it might be a million years from now.
It might be some great big disaster.
or it might be ‘happy ever after’, after all.

It might be the star that we are circling
or it might be the coming of the Lord.
It might be a nuclear reactor
or it might be ‘happy ever after’, after all.

I wanna be there.
I wanna be there when it does.
I wanna be there.

It cut me to the bone,
It shook me to my core,
The fear of the unknown-- I don’t feel it anymore.
Call it what you want, it’s only a matter of time
‘Til we must face the music, leave our our memories of the world behind...

I wanna be there.
I wanna be there when it does.
I wanna be there.
Track Name: Insufferably
I just want to sing to you
A lover’s song as you lay.
If you detect a major tone,
It’s cause of what you do to me.

You are not an angel now,
But as close on Earth as you’ll ever see.
I could stop a bullet now,
But my poor heart would bleed and bleed.

Oh and so you know,
I want what you think of me to be real

I’m falling more for you every day
Doesn’t matter what they all say
No one’s gonna stand in our way, even though they try
Falling more for you every day
Track Name: Fun Machine
It’s so easy to see
And you know that it is wrong
You’re lying through your teeth
And you’re stringing me along
But it’s only hurting you
In fact, I’m better off
I try but can’t get through
So I’ll sing it in a song


Cover up the truth
Pull the wool over my eyes
You’ve got to cut me loose
Darlin’ I can read your mind
But I can’t read your heart
‘Cause you’ve hidden it from me
I’ve been blind from the start
Make it easier to see
Track Name: Glimmer
You’re weighed down, living in a town
Where they got you.
But it’s all you’ve ever known
And everyone’s saying you should run
And you ought to.
But they could never let you go


You cut your ties, told them all lies
Just to let go
Now you’ve got no place to be
And who’s to say there will ever be a day
When you do know
What your eyes were meant to see


Let's waste away
The afternoon today.
They're after you, you say.
But they're never gonna find you now.
Never gonna find you.

Let's waste away
The afternoon today.
They're after you, you say.
You're never gonna be found out.
They're never gonna figure it out.

Now...Oh oh oh...
They're never gonna find us now.
Never gonna find us now.

You come, they go.
You’re just another dreamer,
And no one knows that you’re hiding
Now you’ve found
The reason why they tried to tie you down